IAB participated actively in the Conference on Plant Strengtheners Workshop

IAB participated actively in the Conference on Plant Strengtheners Workshop

Presentation ceremony and gala dinner of the conference, with the participation of Estefanía Hinarejos, the President of IBMA Spain and member of the IAB team.

IAB has actively participated in the organization and conduct of the Technical Conference MDF (Plant Strengtheners Workshop), held last April in Valencia, as a discussion forum to establish a clear definition of MDF permitting its marketing on the basis of technical and scientific criteria.

The legislative framework regulating the marketing of so-called MDF takes origin in the Law 43 /2002 on Plant Health. The Order APA/1470/2007 is the text develops Chapter IV of Section III of that law and regulates the conditions and requirements to market these MDF other than pesticides and fertilizers.

The publication of the Royal Decree that presumably repeals the Order APA/1470/2007 seems imminent and will become the new legislative framework to regulate the marketing of MDF.

The conference represented a panel discussion to discuss the issue in depth with all sectors involved, including companies, industry associations and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment for finding positive solutions and common points in the establishment of a clear definition of MDF, as differentiated products in respect of plant protection products and fertilizers; cataloging the role of the “Autonomous Communities” (CCAA) in the evaluation process for the marketing authorization of MFD; and the legal aspects of the new Royal Decree in reference to the MDF already on the market.

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